Monday, June 18, 2012

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Sweet Script Wishes Father's Day Card
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

happy birthday...

to our favorite auntie!

and to my favorite sister. in honor of the twenty-five years that you now are...and in honor of how much i miss you...and in honor of the art of procrastinating all the stuff i should be doing but don't want to be...i give you...

25 things that we could be doing right now if you were here (not trying to imply that being here is better than being there...but there is diet mt. dew here (yum). and taco seasoning (eww). and target. so i think it pretty much goes without saying)

1. drinking a cold _______ on the back deck. (the dew or a's your get to choose!)

2. sharing what God is teaching us.

3. watching sytycd on dvr. and then trying out the choreography. and then commenting in the chatroom (dancin'kelito. holla.)

4. laughing about favorite memories.

5. working out with jillian. ok, so YOU working out with jillian. i would be cheering you on.

6. ganging up on charlie. by way of multiple verbal body slams.

7. hanging out with our friends. monica, chandler, joey, phoebe, ross, and rachel.

8. taking a walk.

9. sharing a smoothie and bread samples at the juice shop/great harvest.

10. breaking it down to whatever craziness is in your itunes library.

11. shopping. "ooh, women be shoppin'!"

12. singing everyone's favorite..."the sheep song".

13. dying our hair. ok, so dying YOUR hair. we'll read the instructions and make sure hair loss is not a potential side effect.

14. eating sour patch kids till our tongues burn (or at least till charlie's does).

15. going somewhere. anywhere. and getting lost on the way.

16. comparing books we've been reading.

17. playing with maddie and her "waterandsandtable".

18. watching taylor do new things every day.

19. cooking one of your many specialties. maybe not the homemade oatmeal cookies lest they end up in lily's treat jar again.

20. watching "grease". and eating popcorn and skittles.

21. talking on the phone. seriously. even if you were in the same room with me.

22. getting a pedicure.

23. eating boulevard bagels for at least 2 out of 3 meals a day. (i know, technically you couldn't do that here...but a girl can dream, right?)

24. lying in the sun. on the beach. all day. (while i'm dreaming...)

25. and generally just enjoying each other's company. in the same room. so close i could put my feet on you. ha!

love you, little sister and best friend. hope your day is so happy.

Monday, June 15, 2009


you are.
a comforter. a comedian. an example of Christ.

you share.
your thoughts. your feelings. your life.
with me.

you keep me.
grounded. laughing. living life to the fullest.

you make.
strangers smile. others feel at ease. mistakes and are quick to ask for forgiveness.

you see.
the big picture. the beauty in nature. the importance of traditions.

you show me.
grace. love. God's heart where i don't always see it.

you think i'm.
better. prettier. smarter. more talented.
than i think i am.

you listen to me.
cry. vent. dream.

you bring.
spontanaeity. fun. relaxation.
into my life.

you know.
my strengths. my flaws. my heart.

you believe.
that you live with two princesses. that you can accomplish anything you set out to do. that God's love for you is real. and huge. and limitless.

you help me.
parent our daughter. clean our house. "close my windows".

you are.
my true love. my best friend. my husband.

i love YOU, charlie. thank you for the past 7 years of marriage. and the past 12 years of life together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

brought to you by the letter "p" & the number "30"

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 3-0. I haven't really had the chance to sulk about leaving my 20's behind because of all the happy things this birthday's brought me.

I actually started celebrating last month with my 90's dance party. My dear and slightly older (her birthday was in March) friend Whitney and I were co-celebrated by several friends at what basically turned out to be the party of the year. I mean what could be better than dancing under the stars, music reminiscent of our middle and high school days, a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray, "Cha Cha Slide" and "Soulja Boy" on repeat, and one of Millie's world-famous cakes? Nothing, I tell you. It was truly a winning combination. Thanks to Whit for breaking it down with me birthday style. Thanks to our sweet husbands for planning the event. Thanks to Millie for really planning the event (just kidding Charlie and Matt...I know it wouldn't have happened without your "vision"). Thanks to our wonderful friends who came and m.c. hammered the night away with us.

My birthday festivities continued this past weekend when my family got together for lunch, complete with homemade icecream. Yum! While we were in Greenville, one of my best friends, Sara, gave me her birthday gift. It is a photobook titled, "Thirty Reasons I Thank God You Are My Best Friend". It was definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. And 30 reasons are a lot of reasons. You try to think of 30 sincere things about one of your friends and see if you can do it. Betcha can't. But Sara's thoughtfulness abounds. She probably could have done 60 reasons. But, I bet she's glad I'm not 60. I am too, for that matter.

I was also surprised with a gift from one of my other best friends. My sister did it again...another huge bouquet of multi-colored roses delivered to me at work. They are so beautiful! And I am so grateful. For the roses, but especially for her. She also spoiled me with a shout-out on her blog yesterday...complete with her precious children singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Ya'll know I think she is amazing. And she comes home in just a few weeks!!

And to top it all off, my sweet husband gave me a gift that I have been hoping for for a long time. I didn't think I'd be getting one anytime soon, so this was quite a surprise. I am so excited...and he was just as excited to give it to me. Thank you, Charlie!

I received several other special gifts as well as cards, emails, texts, and messages that truly made me feel loved.

picnic & phoenix...
I know I am pregnant, but I think I ate for more than two yesterday. My day started out with a Chick-fil-A biscuit delivered by my sweet friend Amy--always a great way to start the day! Then, Melissa brought the kids to my school and we had a picnic lunch in the cafeteria. Melissa's homemade chicken salad and chocolate cupcakes surely put the school pizza to shame. She has always made sure I have special treats on my birthday. Last night Charlie and I got to go on a dinner date to Phoenix, one of my favorites--so yummy!

Well, it's hard to post without including a story about Maddie. In addition to all the gifts I received, she also got a package in the mail on my birthday. Her very own potty seat. It is very plush for extra bottom comfort. And it has ducks on it. And now Maddie can sit on the toilet without falling in. All that to say, it's pretty much the coolest thing she's ever seen. As soon as she opened it, she wanted to try it out. I put it on the downstairs toilet and she sat, smiling ear to ear. And she sat. And she sat. And she sat some more. But not without entertainment. She went through about 8 magazines from the basket in the bathroom, and whenever I stuck my head in to check on her she said "Not all done, Mommy. Not all done." In fact, once she even added, with her finger pointed toward the kitchen, "Go cook, Mommy." After about 15 minutes had passed, Charlie got home and she was excited all over again for him to see her sitting on the potty. Finally after about 5 more minutes, we hear, "All done, Daddy!" When Charlie went in to help her, he discovered that she had scooted off the toilet by herself and begun to pull her bloomers and skirt back up. And she had pee-peed! Well, not actually in the potty. More like right in front of the potty. On the floor. And on her clothes. And on her reading assortment she had tossed on the floor. Oh well...almost:-)

So, all in all, turning 30 hasn't been so bad. I am just so thankful for all the blessings in my life and the way God has expressed His love for me through the relationships He's given me. Those are definitely the best gifts.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday, November 21, 2008


So, a few of you have mentioned to me how funny you think the picture of my sister and me are in our Halloween costumes. This is not us, people! Didn't you read my post about how we would never wear such things? However, I have to admit, it would be pretty hilarious if this was us. Chewbacca and Yoda. Wow. So, no, we never did Star Wars. But, Jenny did do "Space." Seriously. I am determined to find poloroid evidence over Thanksgiving. Until then, may the force be with you.